What You Need to Know About Snapchat Plus and Its Features


Snapchat, like other social media networks, offers a premium edition with features like snapchat planets. Only Paid members can access new snapchat features. Snapchat planets feature are one example. Only Snapchat plus users may enjoy this premium contains. It ranks friends like planets by SMS frequency. This article explains what is snapchat plus.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus subscribers receive early access to pinning conversations and unique symbols. The firm reported over 2 million members for its $3.99-per-month subscription in January. The service should work on iOS and Android smartphones devices. If you became a plus member, you could easily enjoy all features.


Snapchat Plus targets users who message their closest friends often. They get to try Snapchat’s new features first.

This features should grow over time. Plus, members will likely continue to enjoy exclusive access to “single user” features. Public interactive elements will also be accessible. Current Snapchat Plus advantages include:

  • Reactions to Major Stories
  • Pins to a friend
  • Flexible camera settings
  • Customize background images
  • View emoji for posting
  • Unique story
  • Customized notification sounds
  • Custom Bitmoji wallpapers
  • Modified Mobile App Icons

Detail Overview of Snapchat Plus Features: 

  • Reactions to Major Stories: It users will see your story comments more frequently.
  • Pins to a friend: You may designate one Snap user as your closest buddy, whose interactions will always be first.
  • Flexible camera settings: Customise media capture with new animated capture buttons. Instead of the yellow circle, you may change your capture button to a fidget spinner, football, or dancing heart.
  • Customize chat backgrounds: Chat wallpaper lets you tailor your discussions. Snap lets you customize chat backdrops using their photographs or your camera roll.
  • Post view emoji: Use the “post view emoji.” to personalize the emoji that shows after friends see your photos.
  • Unique story: Snapchat Plus users may choose story lengths from one hour to seven days. This suggests that intriguing content may last longer.
  • Customized notification sounds: Customize each buddy’s alert tone so you always know who sent you a picture, even if you don’t check your phone.
  • Custom Bitmoji wallpaper: Bitmoji are popular on Snap despite not being native. It users may choose a golden light or tropical paradise for their Bitmojis.
  • Customized Mobile App Icons: Custom app icons may make your Snapchat symbol on your home screen stand out. Select from over 30 icons.

How to Sign up on Snapchat Plus? 

As said, Snapchat Plus is limited to select regions. If you live outside one of the following countries, you’ll have to wait till the service comes to you. The signup method is below: 

  • Open Snapchat and tap your profile symbol to view your page. A gold banner indicates Snapchat Plus availability in your country. It isn’t accessible in your country if no ads appear.
  • Tap the banner for subscription length changes. Try the service risk-free for a week.
  • Device-specific payment methods are available. Purchases may be made using your Google or Apple ID and debit or credit cards.
  • Each feature is switchable. You’re not required to utilize the complete service. Select your favorites and disable the others.


Snapchat Plus includes all these improvements. Snapchat is trying to maintain its market share by modifying software and adding premium services.It could be more intriguing; therefore, most users won’t join. The company’s income from this subscription service will be fascinating in the following financial report.

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